What is it?

Bridging The Gap is an intensive workshop where talented young students have the chance to meet and create synergies with influential professionals and decision-makers working in the field of animation.

Bridging The Gap will celebrate its fourth edition in July 15th to 21st 2018.

Bridging the Gap in words of the participants:

‘Bridging the Gap as well as filling the gap between the projects and the professional, fills the gap between the people and the countries, it shortens that distance’. Arturo Montero (MEXICO).

‘BTG has been extremely exciting. I really do not know how to define it: a journey, an opportunity, an experience …’ Ng’endo Mukii (KENYA).

‘It was a great experience, not only for the experts who were unbelievable and showed us clues about the market, the industry, how to work … but also for all shared’. Gabriel García (BRAZIL).

‘They point out the importance of being an animation promoter in your country’ Diego Guzmán (COLOMBIA)

‘Seven days and I feel like a graduate’ Ricardo Villavicencio (CHILE)

‘There is nothing that I felt before like this’ Vanessa Ulgado (THE PHILIPPINES)

‘I love BTG, it has opened my eyes’ Tewodros Kifle Shewamoltot (ETHIOPIA)


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